Turkey, Kabak Valley Spirited Away Festival 



We started our Turkish adventure in the amazing coastal area of Kabak Valley! After two separate plane rides across Turkey we finally arrived at our destination around midnight. 

Our taxi was waiting for us as we exited the Airport and to our surprise he told us that we still had about a two hour ride into the mountains. At this point we were so tired that we fell asleep in the car. 


We got to our next stop around 2 AM! A final bus station in the middle of nowhere, as the Taxi left us in the dark a mini van arrived to take us down into the valley. The ride was pretty intense. On one side was a steep hill and one the other a sheer drop down into the valley and more then once I thought one of the gigantic bumps we were bouncing off of was gonna send us over the edge! I have to tell you guys that I was not very reassured with his driving and the whole situation in fact but I was also so tired from all the traveling that I decided to let it go and not let it stress me out as I could not change the situation at that time anyway. After about 20 minutes of this we arrived at our little bungalow that was to be home for the next few days. At that point it was around 4 AM so we wanted to grab a quick shower. Little did we know that all the water is heated with Solar power so it was an ICY shower before passing out on our little mosquito net covered bed.


At 6 am we were awoken by a rooster in front of our window and I remember being so mad as we only got a few hours of sleep. But hey as soon as I got out of that treehouse to get breakfast and I so the beauty of the soundings I forgot everything. We got to meet the awesome folks from the Dream Yoga Events and had breakfast all together. It was really fun to be in the middle of nowhere in a tree house looking over the ocean. The mood was super laid back as we were in the “Teachers Camp” it was on our first morning during breakfast that we got to hangout and chat with Daniel Scott and Lauren matters. It always surprises me how small the world actually is as he is great friends with past teachers of Aria and I, awesome AcroYoga teachers from Oz, Honza and Claudine Lafond of YogaBeyond. After breakfast, we made our way down to the water's edge to prepare for our days class.




We set up our workshop on the grass in the shade of a Giant pine tree! Our class consisted of a two hour inversions practice. Followed by Kirtan led by Aria and her trusty Ukulele. It is always a treat to teach people that are so engaged with what you are sharing with them! The feeling of community was very strong and welcoming and we really cannot wait to go back! After our class we headed to the beach and enjoyed some time in the sun with our fellow teachers. One of our favorite things to do is teaching at festivals because of the big family feeling that comes with it. You practice with people sing together and hang and chat with them all it’s truly a magical experience. 


So we spent the next two days teaching and recharging batteries and just be in nature all while getting to hang and meet a bunch of amazing people. If you have never experienced a yoga festival I highly recommend it. We were really sad to leave all our new friends and our treehouse and we hope to go back next year.