17 november 2018

Yoga Flame | Lausanne, Switzerland - CLASS

Getting inverted in your yoga practice can be fun but it can also be intimidating. We’ll teach you how to get upside down and into other fun balancing postures, plus mix in some partner work to create connection between all the yogis in the room. Great for students new to inversions as well as for advanced practitioners looking to expand their skills. Let’s have fun and sweat together. All levels welcome.

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18 NOVEMBER 2018

Yoga Flame | Lausanne, Switzerland - class

This is a workshop for anyone wanting to take their backbends to the next level, or to feel more confident going into back bending postures. By focusing on dropbacks, tick-tocks, inverted back-bends and more. Expect to have a lot of fun opening up your heart while also learning some new challenging movements that will get you stronger. We will go through tips and techniques that will teach you how to safely and effectively adding them to your practice.


24-25-26 may 2019

berlin yoga conference | berlin, germany - conference

Berlin Yoga Conference is a new initiative created by the Berlin-based yoga teacher Anastasia Shevchenko, with an aspiration to become an annual tradition and an ever-expanding international community of yogis, professionals, and businesses.

Berlin Yoga Conference has educational goals in mind, encouraging high quality content pertaining to various yoga methodologies, practices, and topics, with a special emphasis on scientific research and modern yoga philosophy.