Meet Aria

Aria is a musician, singer and yoga teacher. Her artistic journey brought her to yoga in early 2000. Being in the music and entertainment industry at a young age she needed to find a balance to survive in the rollercoaster that is the music world so the day she discovered yoga was a bit like a revelation for her. With 18 + years of teaching experience behind her she loves to share the modern day yoga philosophy with her community.


Aria's yoga journey

She has a background in Dance and started yoga with an Iyengar school followed by an Ashtanga school and a YogaWorks teacher training. After so many years of teaching she decide to expand her passion for sharing yoga in to Teacher trainings through her Warrior Flow Yoga method. Aria’s classes will take you on a powerful and transformational journey. Aria has headlined at Wanderlust Festivals, and has represented brands like Nike, Oysho and Loreal. She is the author of two books about yoga “le yoga de ma vie “ and “the healthy book “ She is spending her time traveling and teaching while spreading the good vibes through yoga and music.
She currently lives in Paris France.


Meet Gus

Gus is originally from Los Angeles California, He began his journey with martial arts at a young age, martial arts helped him learn the importance of self discipline and focus. He also traveled a fair bit around Asia to train and compete and realized that what he enjoyed most was to meet new people and share experiences with them. Gus was also a gymnastics instructor and came to yoga in 2012.


gus's yoga journey

When he met Aria, she introduced him to the practice of yoga and the amazing transformation that followed. A discipline that made him stronger and more flexible but also helped him to find balance both mentally and spiritually. Gus decided that teaching yoga was what he wanted to do in order for others to feel the benefits of the amazing practice and have it change their lives as it did his. His first Teacher training was with Yogaworks in Los Angeles. The most recent training brought him to Thailand to train alongside YogaBeyond and BryceYoga. Gus came to realize that travel can be one of the most amazing experiences especially when it is done with the intention of spreading health and wellness.
Gus currently lives in Paris France.


Qs & As


What should I do if I want to do yoga but I don’t know where to start?


I personally enjoy group classes! I would recommend trying a wide variety of classes and teachers to find something that works best for you.


Start by trying different teachers because it's all about the energy that teachers will bring to you. Sometimes it's possible to try ten different teachers and only end up liking one or two of them. Find your vibe and your tribe.

What kind of yoga do you practice?


I practice mainly Vinyasa and power yoga but I also enjoy Restorative and Yin practices. I always try and find a balance.


I created a style of yoga that I call Warrior yoga it’s a mix between Ashtanga Iyengar, Vinyasa and power yoga with a bit of life coaching touch to it love to play around with Acroyoga. I also love breathing and meditation and l most of all I like to be upside down.

How long have you been practicing yoga?


I have been practicing yoga for about five years. I started to practice yoga in 2011. After leaving competitive martial arts I needed to find something to help balance my mind and body.


I have been practicing for about 15 years started really young at around 17 and before that I was a dancer in Paris.

How often do you practice yoga?


My personal practice consists of early morning Pranayama and meditation. I try and fit in an hour or hour and a half of Asana practice a day.


My practice consists of different aspects of meditation and pranayama but I also love to practice together as much as we can and play around with some Acroyoga as well.

Where are you based?


I'm a native angeleno and I spent most of my early life their. I'm currently based out of Paris France.


I'm mostly based Between Paris and LA but I feel more like a citizen of the world.